I consider myself an explorer-artist, an adventurer. I love to make my art and I love to travel the world. And it looks like the two have finally come together. These last few years I’ve been on a cave mission. My art has led me to explore caves and the caves have fed my artwork. I’ve been in lava and crystal caves in California, ocean caves in Kauai, paddled along a subterranean river in a cave in France and I am heading for the ice caves of Iceland this winter. The colder they are, the safer!

My favorite mediums right now are charcoal, water media and smoke. I create large charcoal pieces using a subtractive method, using erasers and brushes to remove the charcoal after I have layered it on heavy paper. This method is like searching, digging around for something. Most of my water media pieces were inspired by Victor Hugo’s paintings in which he used coffee, black watercolor and gouache. Often I will let the water have its way and see what the swirls and drips want to be. My smoke pieces are created using water, an acetylene torch and the sun.

I am a member of the National Speleological Society and I have a Master of Fine Arts degree. 


About the Artist